Mosquito Control 110: Educate Yourself

Finally, educating yourself about mosquito biology and behavior can help you better understand how to control them. Learn about the different types of mosquitoes in your area, how they breed, and what attracts them. The more you know, the better prepared you will be...

Mosquito Control 108: Treat Your Yard

Treating your yard with mosquito insecticides can be an effective way to control mosquitoes. However, it’s important to use these products safely and follow the instructions on the label. Consider hiring a professional to apply insecticides for you.

Mosquito Control 107: Use Natural Repellents

There are many natural mosquito repellents that can be effective, such as citronella candles, lemon eucalyptus oil, and garlic. However, these natural repellents are generally less effective than chemical repellents, so use them in combination with other control...

Mosquito Control 106: Use Fans

Using fans can help control mosquitoes, as they are weak fliers and cannot fly well in a breeze. Place fans around outdoor seating areas to create a breeze that will deter mosquitoes.