“This was our first season using Mosquito Shield of South Shore and we were very pleased! The spraying really kept the mosquitoes away and allowed us to enjoy the use of our backyard and pool all summer. We were very impressed with the email notifications of when they would be spraying and the follow-up email with the details of each visit. They came every 10 – 14 days as promised and I never once had to call them to check on when the next spray would be.”


Bob Schulte

“This is the best spraying company I have had a pleasure to work with. Reliable, trustworthy and incredibly effective. We live in the middle of the woodland between couple of wetlands and cranberry bogs and we have always had some mosquitos, spraying or no spraying. Not this year. I honestly don’t know what kind of mysterious mixture you guys are using (garlic is one of the ingredients for sure) but it’s almost the end of the spraying season and I’m alive, husband as well, our preschooler is also going strong, chickens survived, bees and crickets are thriving and mosquitoes are gone. I love you ❤️”


Alicja Kasperkiewicz

“This is the third service I’ve tried because our backyard is the WORST for mosquitos, they are awesome and come right back out if an application didn’t take well. It’s only happened a few times, I just think our location is a breeding ground for them. The customer service is just phenomenal. We are getting retreated right now and whoever is here seems to be covering it really well! It’s nice to be able to enjoy the backyard. We also get treated for ticks as my son contracted Lyme disease our first year here, my kids haven’t gotten any ticks neither has my dog (though we do give her a pill to repel them)”


Victoria Elizabeth

“Mosquito shield, was great! They came as scheduled each time, and are reasonably priced. My house is surrounded by trees and brush, as well as frequent visits from deer. We hardly saw any mosquito’s or had any problems with Ticks. Would def recommend if your worried about keeping the bugs away!”


“I couldn’t be happier with the service. I can enjoy my beautiful backyard and not get eaten alive. We can enjoy the grill in the evening, watch the sun go down and not a mosquito to be seen!! Worth every penny!!”

Melissa Marram

“Have had the service for both mosquito and tick treatment for several summer seasons. Feel that there has been good result. Like that we are offered savings for paying up front in full. Appreciate that we are notified day before spraying is to occur as well as confirmation after.If this is a need would highly recommend this business.”

Yasmèn Guidoboni

“We have been pleased with the tick prevention service from Mosquito Shield. They always arrive when scheduled and we have not seen any ticks or had any on our children since we started using them! They email and let us know ahead of time to remind us of spraying days. I highly recommend Mosquito shield of South Shore.”

Aimee Chalifoux

“Great company with an excellent product. We live on a pond and the mosquitoes can be brutal. Once these guys are done the mosquitoes are gone. We signed up for the season. Very affordable. This company protects us.”

Derek Stearns

“Our second year with Mosquito Shield is as great as the first! Both years we were eaten alive 10 to 12 days after the first spray, indicating we have a real problem. They say the “mosquito free guarantee” kicks in after the second spray, and we have never had to call them after that! Billing is seamless, notifications are abundant and informative. Staff is responsive and professional.”

Holly Santangelov

“It’s great to have a nice back porch to use during the Spring, Summer and early Fall, but if there are mosquitos around, it becomes useless. MS of SS has made our Springs, Summers and Falls enjoyable again as we have had NO (zero, nada, zilch) mosquitos around since we started using them”

Timothy Ward