Product Info

Everyone knows the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same is true with our approach to the use of products. We’ve spent 16 years, the longest in the industry, developing our own blend of all-natural oils. Our combination of all-natural oils and select EPA-registered control products create a three-pronged approach.

How Mosquito Shield Spray Works


Mosquitoes are attracted to your breathing. So, we use our proprietary mosquito spray to mask the CO2 you are exhaling. This approach makes it impossible for the pests to find you, forcing to find another food source.


Our blend of all-natural oils also irritates the mosquitoes senses, driving them to neighboring properties. These all-natural oils create a barrier, through regular visits and applications, and prevent mosquitoes and ticks from entering your yard.


We kill mosquitoes by using select control products. Knowing what, how much and when to use these products is important and a process we don’t take lightly. We use as little of these products as necessary depending on weather and mosquito populations while balancing the need to protect your yard from the harmful diseases these pests carry.

Help protect your pets: Our service is also beneficial for your pets. The spray contains similar ingredients as those found in pet flea and tick treatments. It helps eliminate the pests in your yard that spread harmful diseases. Once the spray has dried, in usually less than 15 minutes, you and your pets can return to enjoying your yard.


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