Mosquito Control

Residential & Commercial Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a nuisance that can prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space during the spring and summer months. Mosquito Shield is a mosquito control company that offers comprehensive mosquito and tick control for commercial and residential applications. Before we started up, there was an absence of effective residential mosquito control services in the South Shore, Cape Cod and South Coast regions. Our goal is to remedy this problem by utilizing our vector trained technicians and a proven process to assist our local communities.


Avoid Attracting Mosquitoes: Masking the presence of CO2

The treatment protocol involves using cutting-edge techniques to ensure the mosquitoes will not be attracted to the CO2 that is naturally released in areas where people gather. The spray masks the CO2 that attracts the mosquito, preventing unwelcome visitors.


Identifying Mosquito Breeding Zones: The Scouting Process

Before mosquitoes can be effectively treated, a property must be evaluated to check for potential problem areas. Wherever water stands or around decks, patios, wood lines or landscape beds, mosquitoes can breed. Our technicians are trained to identify the areas on your property that need to be treated for maximum effect.


Barrier Treatments: Helping to Repel Mosquitoes

Finally, a barrier treatment helps prevent new mosquito populations from entering and making their home in your area. Our vector trained professionals can identify and help control your backyard mosquito population. If you need help with mosquito control in the South Shore, Cape Cod and South Coast regions, including Southeastern MA, please give us a call today. Not only do we service your residential property, but we offer commercial mosquito control as well.


Controlling the Existing Population: Precise Spraying for Effective Treatment

An important part of residential mosquito control is controlling the existing adult population. To do that, our experienced technicians will use a special spray that is designed to target mature mosquitoes. We use our knowledge of the behavior and biology of the insect to find the most effective areas for mosquito control spraying. Usually, this includes the area around the perimeter of the building, decks or pools as well as the foliage on the property.
Results happen quickly! We make the whole process easy, from start to finish, so you can enjoy the simple joy of relaxing in your backyard again. Whether for home or your business, get started by contacting us today!