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Welcome to Mosquito Shield®, the proven leader in residential mosquito and tick control. We are the leader for one reason: Results! That’s why we offer an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee and why more than 90% of our customers return season after season. We have perfected the most comprehensive and affordable mosquito control services available. Enjoy your yard!

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Pinpointing Breeding Grounds on your Landscape

Mosquito Control Service

Homeowners and business owners throughout the South Shore, Cape Cod, South Coast regions and South Eastern Massachusetts are ready to put winter behind them and enjoy everything that the warmer months have to offer. Residents across the area are planning for backyard barbecues, pool parties and outdoor playtime with their children, and businesses are preparing for weddings and graduation parties in their amazing outdoor venues. Unfortunately, your time outdoors can quickly be ruined by the presence of mosquitoes. Find out how a mosquito service company can help you, starting now.

A professional mosquito service company can keep you safe by eliminating the mosquitoes, leaving you to enjoy the outdoors.

What to Expect

The professional and well-trained technicians here at our Mosquito Shield use a unique treatment system to address the exact needs of your home or business. Our technicians undergo specialized training that enables them to understand the breeding and harboring habits of mosquitoes and to analyze the specific requirements of each client’s space. We ensure that we are treating each property in the most efficient, productive manner to maximize results.

Mosquito-Elimination Methods

As an experienced outdoor pest-control service, we have developed a highly effective treatment that is deadly to mosquitoes while remaining safer for your family and pets than traditional mosquito repellents purchased at stores. Our barrier spray treatment protects your yard for up to one month, but we stay ahead by coming back regularly, with each additional treatment increasing the effectiveness. You will benefit from regular monitoring by our technicians, with updates before and after each visit to keep you fully informed.

Depending on the mosquito population and weather conditions, your property will be visited approximately every two weeks. Treatment intervals may be as short as 12 days or as long as 17 days. This consistent, individualized service ensures optimal results from each spray, so you can enjoy a significantly improved quality of outdoor life all season long.

Schedule the Service Today!

Contact us today and, as your professional mosquito service company, we’ll get busy making sure that you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. After you sign up you can expect to see significant results after the very first treatment. We offer our highly effective mosquito control solutions for both residential and commercial clients, so please feel free to contact us for more information.