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Mosquitoes can be a major nuisance, interfering with the enjoyment and use of your outdoor living space. Take the bite out of mosquitoes and get back to enjoying the outdoor lifestyle that your family loves with our professionally applied mosquito spray service. Choose Mosquito Shield for an effective and convenient pest control solution that repels and kills unwanted insects. Our vector-trained technicians have the expertise to identify locations where mosquitoes are likely to breed and congregate. During a visit to your property, we treat around common-use areas such as pools, decks, patios and play equipment. In addition to killing these pests, the spray masks carbon dioxide that can attract mosquitoes and other biting insects. Masking the scent of carbon dioxide helps keep these pests away from your property.

What Can Mosquito Spray Service Do For You

Along with ruining your outdoor fun, mosquitoes are known to transmit dangerous diseases through their annoying bites. Our mosquito spray for yard treatment enables you to regain the use of your outdoor recreation and entertainment spaces while reducing the discomfort of itchy mosquito bites. Our professional mosquito spray service enables you to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle without the need to worry about harmful pests.

Why Mosquito Spray For Yard

Protecting your South Shore, Cape Cod, South Coast or Southeastern Massachusetts property from mosquitoes and other annoying insects requires more than ordinary off-the-shelf products. Our mosquito spray adheres to stone, brick, wood, vegetation and other organic materials to create a vertical barrier that gets stronger with each visit. The innovative spraying service we offer differs from a mosquito misting service in that it targets the entire space so that anyone who enters it enjoys the same protection. With this professional treatment, you can say goodbye to messy and ineffective repellents and bug zappers. We stand behind our mosquito control spray treatments with a professional and courteous service that you can trust. Mosquito Shield provides the peace of mind that comes from no longer having to worry about mosquitoes.