Have mosquitoes ever forced you to abandon your backyard plans and retreat inside on a beautiful day? These familiar pests can quickly make life miserable for adults, children, and even pets. Fortunately, homeowners in the South Shore, Cape Cod, South Coast and Southeastern Massachusetts areas do not simply have to accept the presence of these pesky insects as an inevitable part of the great outdoors. We offer a backyard mosquito control service to help you seize the sunny day and take back your yard.

The Problem

Buzzing around with their distinctive high-pitched whine, mosquitoes are undeniably annoying, and swatting them rarely seems to discourage these persistent pests. Their bites leave behind ugly red bumps that itch like crazy, making anyone unfortunate enough to be bitten miserable long after the mosquitoes responsible have gone. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance; they are a legitimate health threat. Their bothersome bites can potentially transmit some dangerous diseases, including West Nile Virus, EEE, malaria and now the zika virus. It’s because of this threat that backyard mosquito control can be a great service for you.

Traditional insect repellent products have long been available in the form of lotions and sprays, but with their unpleasant odors and the need for frequent reapplications, these products are cumbersome and exasperating to use. Also, the protection they offer is very limited; the products only protect the person wearing it.

Our Solution

We take the sting out of backyard mosquito control. Our innovative mosquito treatment for yards effectively eliminates both mosquitoes and the need for traditional repellents, offering hassle-free protection of your residential yard and everyone in it so that you and your family are free to relax and enjoy your outdoor living spaces.

How Do We Do It?

We spend a lot of time thinking about mosquitoes so that you don’t have to. Our understanding of mosquito biology and behavior, and the impact that various climates and environmental factors have on them, allows us to choose our mosquito control strategy wisely. Our highly trained technicians combine expertise, specialized equipment and precision spraying techniques to deliver consistently excellent results.

Our Service

Our commitment to quality goes beyond our yard mosquito control services. We take pride in offering excellent customer service too. That is why our team of dedicated professionals works hard to eliminate the pests plaguing your property. Call now for the best mosquito control service for your yard.