Michael Moorhouse from Mosquito Shield here with a round-up of recent news and upticks (pun intended) from the busy summer season of the pest control world.

First off, a big Mosquito Shield thank-you goes out to the pest-control commandos, dutiful health departments, and everyday heroes who are watching the data, springing into action, testing the pools, and defending summertime leisure for all of us!

Different regions are, of course, seeing different trends as far as mosquitoes are concerned. Eastern Massachusetts, for instance, has officially been in a drought since June. While dry conditions slow down breeding for some species of mosquito, a local entomologist reports that Culex pipiens, a carrier of West Nile virus, is bearing up just fine. So well, in fact, that Massachusetts just logged its first case of West Nile.

Massachusetts isn’t alone. Every summer, human activity and climate coincide to drive up mosquito breeding and, with that, efforts to mitigate viral risk. Many parts of the country are seeing new cases of viruses and racing to take action.

Positive Mosquito Testing, and Spraying, Nationwide

The towns of Santa Clara, Calif., Longmont, Colo., and Camden, N.J., recently announced widespread mosquito spraying. Rises in West Nile virus are driving the urgency in Santa Clara and Longmont, as well as Atlanta, Georgia, which has seen heavy rainfall lately.

Known for its own gloomy spring seasons, Portland, Ore., has suffered heavy downpours so late in the season this year that they’re seeing a surge in the mosquito population that’s causing shivers.

In a similar vein, the recent discovery of Jamestown Canyon virus–fairly rare but potentially lethal–prompted Michigan to raise the alarm and urge folks to take precautions against exposure to mosquitoes.

New Insight Into Zika and Dengue

A recent study found that mice infected with Zika and dengue viruses were much more attractive to mosquitoes than mice without the infection. (A summary of the study ran in Cell.) These viruses, which are among the most common vector-borne illnesses worldwide, appear to cause a “scent that attracts mosquitoes.” Of course, there are many differences between mice and humans. But further study might show that the viruses spread so pervasively because, well, mosquitoes favor infected hosts.

Our teams are keeping a close eye on the weather patterns and scheduling visits accordingly. The surge of mosquitoes is tied to the weather, so we’re tuned in to stay ahead of it. We focus on results so you can expect us to be at your home every 10-17 days to treat for mosquitos so you can enjoy your yard. If you experience breakthrough issues between services, give us a call ASAP and we will address them promptly.

Something else to keep in mind, if you are planning a special outdoor event on your property, please let us know as far in advance as possible and we will work with you and your treatment schedule. No need to worry about asking for a treatment for your special event – we understand, and we want you and your guests to be comfortable outside and have a fabulous day!

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