The Benefits of Treating for Mosquitoes and Ticks Late in the Season

Although summer has passed and temperatures are turning colder, the potential health threats from mosquitoes and ticks do not fully subside.

Mosquitoes are very active in the fall, relying on their ability to “overwinter” for future survival. The disease-carrying mosquitoes we commonly deal with in the Northeast survive in several ways. Some will overwinter in a tree hole, leaf litter, and places where they are protected from the elements. Another species will lay as many as 200 eggs prior to winter to ensure survival of the species. Both of these species will gorge themselves on a blood meal as part of that preparation.

This is why Mosquito Shield continued to spray throughout the fall and until the first frost as part of our innovative mosquito management program. The continued spraying will protect your property for several weeks after the final treatment and serves two purposes:

First, it controls mosquitoes when they are actively searching for a blood meal prior to overwintering;
Secondly, if we can control the mosquitoes before they overwinter or lay their eggs, we will have far less mosquitoes at the start of following season.

Have a safe and enjoyable winter!