Tick Control

Residential & Commercial Tick Control

Did you know that a bite from a black-legged tick can transmit Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that affects joints, the nervous system, and the heart? A recent 10-year study by the Centers for Disease Control shows that Massachusetts had more cases of Lyme disease than any state except Pennsylvania. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States receive a Lyme disease diagnosis every year. South Shore now has a solution to the tick problem – residential tick control from Mosquito Shield.


Exercising Care Outdoors

Contrary to popular opinion, ticks do not die after the first frost. In fact, they can survive near freezing temperatures and then become highly active in the spring and summer months. As temperatures warm and make outdoor activities attractive, your exposure to areas where ticks hide increases. Ticks climb on shrubbery and ornamental vegetation to have access to hosts that pass by, including yourself and your pets. Your backyard can present the same opportunity to find ticks as going for a walk in the woods. Ticks prefer damp shady areas, tall grasses, and leafy bushes that commonly appear in residential landscapes.

Taking Control of Your Outdoors

Season-long treatment offers the most efficient way of preventing of tick-borne disease and infestation. Developing an aggressive treatment program that controls ticks helps to prevent the bites that produce unpleasant consequences. Our technicians are trained in the latest techniques for getting rid of ticks and apply regular treatment programs that help protect your outdoor areas. Helping to protect the health of your family, friends and pets with residential tick control gives you peace of mind when you entertain or work outdoors.

Choosing an Aggressive Treatment Program

Our professional spray technology provides maximum efficiency in exterminating and repelling ticks. We check your residential or commercial property for tick populations and monitor weather conditions throughout the season, repeating spray applications where and when necessary. Our continuous coverage program helps rid your property of ticks and keep them gone. We have earned our reputation as the proven leader for residential tick control in South Shore, Cape Cod and South Coast, MA. We take pride in providing superior service to new clients as well as the existing customers who return to us season after season. Contact us now to learn more about residential and commercial tick control.
Results happen quickly! We make the whole process easy, from start to finish, so you can enjoy the simple joy of relaxing in your backyard again. Whether for home or your business, get started by contacting us today!