Most people are aware of the dangers involved when humans or animals are exposed to certain kinds of ticks. Lyme disease is spread by ticks that attach themselves to the backs of dogs or cats when they are outdoors. There is a very real and potential risk that humans can become infected with Lyme disease which is why so many residents of South Shore, MA are looking into backyard tick control.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is found in wooded regions of North America and Europe. The disease can be transmitted when a human or animal receives a bite from a carrier tick. The deer tick, or black-legged tick, is a common carrier of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. The disease can cause serious harm in many cases Although it is important to reduce the chances of infection by taking precautions.

Lyme disease can cause intense discomfort in animals, and it is diagnosed in humans based on the nature and severity of the presenting symptoms. Common ailments of Lyme disease include headaches, fatigue, fever and skin rashes. These symptoms can be confused with other illnesses, so many people rely on medical testing to confirm the diagnosis.

If the diagnosis is obtained promptly, it is possible to treat successfully with antibiotics over the course of a few weeks. However, prevention remains the best method for dealing with Lyme disease. A complete prevention regime should include covering exposed skin when outdoors, using tick repellent and checking dogs and cats for ticks every time they come into the home. If any ticks are present, they must be removed immediately. A veterinarian can quickly test pets for Lyme disease.

Tick Control in Massachusetts

A season-long spray campaign is the most complete form of backyard tick control. MoShield provides a complete program to help keep ticks away from areas used by humans and their pets. We treat residential areas as well as commercial business properties.

We Serve the South Shore Area

Our clients come from locations in and around the South Shore, South Coast and Cape Cod regions of Massachusetts and includes residential and business customers. We continue to provide these valuable services every year. For additional information on backyard tick control, call us today.